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Grove Smart Agriculture Kit for Raspberry Pi 4

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  • Easy-to-use and low-cost hardware kit: combines an affordable hardware kit with FREE curriculums and activities for students’ hands-on experience in precision agriculture techniques to food production.
  • New tools for STEAM Education learners: students learn about AI, Machine learning, and IoT by building a garden monitoring system.
  • Easily use with Raspberry Pi 4: with atmospheric and environmental sensors to understand their soil's health, analyze data, and make decisions. 
  • Real-time data collection: The student-built IoT devices connect to custom Microsoft Excel workbooks that collect real-time data using Excel’s Data Streamer.
  • Building your own Machine Learning models: using, students apply the technique to predict nutrient deficiencies in their plants and identifying pests in their garden.
  • Introducing Microsoft responsible AI framework: engaging students with some of the social and ethical challenges raised by this new technology.
(student learning with FarmBeast for Students in the garden)


What is FarmBeats for Students?

Today's farms are beginning to look a lot more like smart cities. Growers are using modern techniques like sensors, computer vision, and artificial intelligence to acquire a more complete view of their crops. These methods help them make better decisions, discover inefficiencies, and unlock new insights into improving food production. Seeed is honored and pleased to collaborate with Microsoft in the FarmBeats for Students program (FBFS), which brings these modern tools into the hands of today's learners.


The FarmBeats for Students Program combines an affordable hardware kit with curated curriculums and activities designed to give students hands-on experience in applying precision agriculture techniques to food production. The learning progression enables students to easily see the connections between these modern agriculture tools and the opportunities they afford.    

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SKU SS-110061284