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Gravity: Geiger Counter Module Ionizing Radiation Detector

We have ✅ 1 available of the DF-SEN0463 in our Sydney warehouse. An extra 108 units will be available shortly.

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Ionizing radiation, an invisible and intangible enemy, exists not only in nuclear power plant reactors. In fact, we are bombarded by radiation from the surrounding environment and outer space all the time, and fortunately, our body is strong enough to resist the natural background radiation.
No active contact does not mean that high-energy ionizing radiation will not be encountered. Natural marble building materials, ore gems with different colors, and "negative ion powder" of unknown composition may contain different amounts of radioactive elements. With a Geiger counter, these radioactive sources have nowhere to hide. 
The Geiger counter can only detect ionizing radiation, such as nuclear radiation, X-rays, cosmic rays, etc. Electromagnetic radiation such as microwave oven radiation, mobile phone radiation, WiFi radiation, induction cooker radiation can not be detected. 
In addition, the Geiger counter is a good random number generator, and undetermined high-energy particle ionization events can provide enough random entropy to get you a truly random number, rather than a fixed random sequence based on a random algorithm.

This product is not a professional measuring instrument and is only suitable for principle research and teaching demonstration. Not for use in radiation dose measurement that directly affects personal safety. 

Large-scale and highly sensitive Geiger tube 
Easy to install layout

Ionizing Radiation Detect

Geiger Counter
Power Supply: 3.3V ~ 5V
Signal Output: digital output, pull down when pulse detected
Driving Voltage: ≈400V
Maximum Range: 1200 μSv/h(theoretically)
Outline Size: 107 x 42mm/4.21 x 1.65” 

M4011 Geiger Tube
Operating Voltage: 380V ~ 450V
Background Counts: ≈25CPM
CPM Ratio: 153.8 CPM/(μSv/h)
Outline Size: Φ10mm x 88mm 


Shipping List
Gravity: Geiger Counter Module (Geiger Tube Included) x1
Gravity 3 - Pin Sensor Connector x1 

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