Geared Stepper Motor 5V w/ Driver [LB-LR0228]

Geared Stepper Motor 5V w/ Driver

Geared Stepper Motor 5V w/ Driver [LB-LR0228]

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These are the popular 28YBJ-48 geared stepper motors with driver board.

The motor and driver are suitable for 5V operation.

  • 4 Phase
  • Current : 160 mA per winding (320 mA in 4-step mode) Measured: 250mA stopped, 200 mA running fast
  • Resistance : 31 Ω per coil winding (from Red wire to any coil) (Some 24-28 ohms)
  • Voltage : 5V DC
  • Step Angle (8-Step sequence: Internal Motor alone): 5.625° (64 steps per revolution)
  • Step Angle (4-Step sequence: Internal Motor alone): 11.25° (32 steps per revolution)
  • Gear Reduction ratio: 1 / 64 (Not really exact: probably 63.68395.:1 )
  • SO: it takes (64*64 = 4096 steps per output shaft revolution.. In 8-step sequence.
  • SO: it takes (32*64 = 2048 steps per output shaft revolution.. In 4-step sequence.
  • NOTE: Arduino "Stepper Library" runs in 4-step mode
  • No-Load Pull-Out Frequency : 800pps
  • No-Load Pull-In Frequency : 500pps
  • Pull-In Torque : ≥ 78.4mN.m
  • Wiring Instruction : A (Blue), B (Pink), C (Yellow), D (Orange), E (Red, Mid-Point)
  • Weight : 30g

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