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We have ✅ 4 available of the PH-102633 in our Sydney warehouse.

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The FLIRC Raspberry Pi Zero Case is finally here - overly engineered, affordable and adorable!
The FLIRC Zero shares the same genetics as the original FLIRC case with some added features. FLIRC have kept everything that makes the original case great, shrunk it down, and added some nice elements that make this mini PC for every day carry.
The familiar aluminium casing with a core heatsink and smooth top is there, offering silent, passive and efficient cooling combined with great looks.
The SD Card is enclosed inside the case so it won't slip out or get stolen. The case needs to be disassembled before the SD card can be removed. There’s even a pre-installed lanyard included in the box in case you want to take your Zero somewhere other than the home.
Two top covers are included with the FLIRC Zero – allowing you to hide away and protect your GPIO, or leave it exposed for prototyping your projects. You can even add a pHATwithout worrying about your Zero’s temperature.
In the box
  • FLIRC Zero Aluminium Case
  • Thermal pad
  • Two top covers (sealed and GPIO access)
  • Lanyard (pre-installed, removable)
  • The Raspberry Pi Zero’s LEDs are not visible with this case
  • Lanyard is removable (but fiddly to get back on)
  • Ships with a thermal pad – fit this to the case heatsink core before fitting your Raspberry Pi Zero

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SKU PH-102633