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We have ✅ 3 available of the DF-KIT0003 in our Sydney warehouse. An extra 62 units will be available shortly.

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EcoDuino is evolving. Now the EcoDuino has an enclosure. It is protected from water splashes, so it is safe to use beside your plants. The Ecoduino now sports an Atmega32U4 which eliminates the requirement of an adapter. And sketches can simply uploaded via Mirco USB just like Arduino Leonado. Another improvment is that the DS18B20 sensor is now directly supported.
EcoDuino is designed by DFRobot to help you grow plants. By using a series of microcontrollers, sensors and actuators, the EcoDuino system can make your eeforts to grow plants much easier.
In this system, sensors are used to collect data which can show you plant conditions like temperature, humidity, light intensity, etc...
 EcoDuino can even message you and tell you how your plants are doing through wireless communications. It will also water your plants automatically when they are thirsty, or at a pre-determined interval. The only thing you may need to do is manage your EcoDuino system through a PC with a graphic user interface.
The cool thing about the EcoDuino is that it is developed based on Arduino Leonardo which means you can not only program EcoDuino in Arduino IDE environment but also use any Arduino compatible hardware in your EcoDuino system.


  • Board power supply: 6~12V DC
  • Micro controller: Atmega32U4
  • Terminal for interfacing a carbon rod(Soil moisture sensor)
  • Terminal for interfacing a motor or a solenoid valve
  • Potentiometer to set the threshold soil moisture value of watering
  • 5 analog I/O ports, 6 digital I/O ports
  • Xbee slot (using Serial1)
  • Mirco USB
  • 3.5mm screw terminal
  • Board dimensions: 61x52mm (2.4x2 in)
  • Board weight: 15g
  • Diving pump power supply: 3.5~12V DC
  • Pumping head: 220cm
  • Flow capacity: 100-350L/H
  • Power range: 0.5W-5W
  • Pump dimensions: 38x38x29mm (1.5x1.5x1.1)
  • Pump weight: 125g




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