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This is a DC charging and discharging integrated module, with 5V normally open output, which is not affected by load access and has a maximum load current of 2A. It features 4 levels of charge/discharge electricity indication and button-controlled output. The module comes with a built-in power management circuit that boosts a lithium battery to 5V and supports charging and discharging simultaneously. Besides, it has battery protection which makes it applicable for batteries without a protective board,

This module can be applied to car charging retrofit, driving recorder power supply, DIY mobile power bank, and mobile phone/laptop portable charging devices.

Note: The KEY function is invalid in charging mode. In discharging mode, short press the button once to enable output, and the indicator turns on; Long press for about 10s to disable the output, and the indicator turns off this time. The indicator goes off after 35s when there is no operation in discharging mode. When charging and discharging at the same time, please enable input and output to keep a balance, thus extending module service life.

Pin Definition

Wiring Instruction

Charge and discharge

Charge only

Discharge only

LED Indication

  • 4 levels of charge/discharge electricity indication
  • Button-controlled output
  • Built-in power management circuit

  • Applications
  • Car charging retrofit
  • Driving recorder power supply
  • DIY mobile power bank
  • Mobile phone/laptop portable charging device

  • Specification
  • Charge Voltage: DC 4.6V to 5.4V(Typical 5V)
  • Input Current: 2A-3A
  • Charge Current: 0-2.1A
  • Fully-charged Voltage: 4.2V±1%
  • Charging quiescent current: 100uA
  • Discharge Current: 0-3.5A
  • Discharge quiescent current: 50uA
  • Output Voltage: 5V
  • Output Current: 0-2.1A
  • Boost Efficiency: ≤92%
  • Charge Efficiency: ≤91%
  • Discharge Efficiency: ≤96%
  • Ambient Temperature: -20°C to +85°C
  • Pad Pitch: 2.54mm
  • Pad Hole Diameter: 1mm
  • Dimension: 25*16mm/0.98*0.63”
  • Lithium Battery Protection: over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, short circuit protections

  • Shipping List
  • DC-DC Charge Discharge Integrated Module (5V/2A) x1
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