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Alternating Multi Pole Magnetic Strip - 1 meter long

This is an interesting sensor component from the CNC world - a steel strip that has a precision magnetic pattern embedded in it. Also known as a Multi-Pole Magnetic Strip, it contains alternating North and South pole magnetic fields along the length of the tape at 5mm spacing. You can see our demo above with a magnetic view film.

Using a magnetometer, hall effect sensor, or magnetic encoder you can determine movement/speed/location along the strip without touching it. It's going to be more durable than an optical strip, and can be mounted flat against a flat or curved surface.

Comes in a roll 1 meter long, and this tape is 10mm wide and .3mm thick. Magnetic poles are spaced 5mm apart. The tape has adhesive on one side with protective paper backing over the adhesive.

We recommend cleaning the intended surface (flat and smooth surfaces work best) before sticking on the magnetic strip. You can cut it, but since it is steel you'll want to use a bandsaw or other hard-steel-cutting machinery.

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SKU AF-4680