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ABS Transparent Case for Arduino UNO R3 (LEGO Compatible)

We have ✅ 2 available of the DF-FIT0603 in our Sydney warehouse. An extra 44 units will be available shortly.

Express post delivery (2-5 business days)
This is a transparent plastic Arduino case, which is specially designed for Arduino UNO R3. It is made of ABS material, which has good strength and tenacity. We have reserved enough GPIOs slots on the case, makes it convenient to connect sensors and modules on the board. It will prevent dust and droplets-splashing, avoid pin exposure and solder joint short circuit and so on. In addition, the top and bottom of the case are designed as splicing structures that are compatible with LEGO. You can build a lot of creative projects with LEGO parts.

Note: This product does not include a Arduino UNO R3.

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