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520PCS 2.54mm Jumper Pin Housing Header Crimp Connector Kit

We have ✅ 20 available of the LB-LS2238 in our Sydney warehouse.

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Quantity: 520PCS
Color: Black
Material: Copper, Nylon
Application:Automobile,Airplane,Electronic product,Household appliance
Cars, Airplanes, Power Grids, Household Appliances, Electronics Factories and Other Connections.

Female Housing2.54MM:HSG-01P: /40PCS
Female Housing2.54MM:HSG-02P: /30PCS
Female Housing2.54MM:HSG-03P: /20PCS
Female Housing2.54MM:HSG-04P: /20PCS
Female Housing2.54MM:HSG-05P: /20PCS
Female Housing2.54MM:HSG-06P: /15PCS
Female Housing2.54MM:HSG-08P: /15PCS
Female Housing2.54MM:HSG-10P: /15PCS
Female Housing2.54MM:HSG-2*3P: /5PCS
Female Housing2.54MM:HSG-2*4P: /5PCS
Female Housing2.54MM:HSG-2*5P: /5PCS
Female Housing2.54MM:HSG-2*6P: /5PCS
Female Housing2.54MM:HSG-2*7P: /5PCS
Female Housing2.54MM:HSG-2*8P: /5PCS
Male Housing Bare 2.54MM TRL: /150PCS
Female Housing Bare 2.54MM TRL:/150PCS
Pin Single Row Straight Needle:1*40P:/10PCS

Pin Double Row Straight Needle:2*40P:/5PCS

Color line:10P: /1PCS

Package Included:
1x520PCS Jump Pin Wire Connectors

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