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Are you still distressed that industrial sensors can't be used on the Arduino? You may need to get a converter just like this!

This 12V to 5V level converter module with 4-channel Optocoupler isolation features common anode / common cathode / differential signal inputs. The level shifter translates signal level from 12V to 5V and offers PNP output (NPN to PNP available). It can be used for signal isolation, PLC signal level conversion, NPN to PNP signal conversion, polarity conversion, signal level voltage conversion and so on.

Wiring Diagram of Common Anode Signal Input

Note: DC power supply positive is equal to signal output voltage. For example: 12V to 5V module, then VCC=5V.

  • PNP Output (NPN to PNP available)
  • Output Signal Level (12V to 5V)
  • Signal Photoelectric Isolation

  • Applications
  • Signal isolation
  • PLC signal level conversion
  • NPN to PNP signal conversion
  • Polarity conversion
  • Signal level voltage conversion

  • Specification
  • Input Channel: 4-channel Optocoupler Isolation
  • Output Signal: PNP Output (NPN to PNP available)
  • Sensor Input Voltage: 12V
  • Module Supply Voltage: 5V
  • Input Signal Level: 12V
  • Output Signal Level: 5V
  • Output Current: no more than 50mA for each channel
  • Indicator: SMD LED
  • Size of Bare Board: 45*72*19mm/ 1.77*2.83*0.75 inches
  • Size of Converter with Shell: 47*87*39mm/ 1.85*3.43*1.54 inches
  • Size of Screw Hole: 3mm/ 0.12”
  • Installation Specification: With Shell (Fit on standard rails)

  • Shipping List
  • 4-Channel Level Converter (12V to 5V) x1
  • The 4-Channel Level Converter (12V to 5V) appears in the following collections:

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