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16mm 10MP Telephoto Lens for Raspberry Pi & Jetson Nano Camera Module

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Note: The product not include Jetson Nano.

This is a 16mm 10MP Telephoto Lens which is suitable to use with the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera and Jetson Nano 12.3MP camera. It has a high level of zoom and can be used to target specific subjects located far away. The lens can be easily screwed into the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera. Also, it comes with front and back covers for protection when it's not in use.


16mm 10MP Telephoto Lens with Jetson Nano

  • Narrow angle of view suitable for viewing distant subjects
  • Adjustable aperture from F1.4 to F16
  • Front and back cover for protection

  • Specification
  • Resolution: 10Mega Pixel
  • Image format: 1" (Φ16, 12.8x9.6)
  • Focal length: 16mm / 0.63 inches
  • Aperture : F1.4-16
  • Mount: C
  • Angle of View (H×V):

         1": 44.6°x 33.6°

         2/3": 30.0°x 23.2°

         1/1.8": 24.7°x 18.6°

         1/2": 21.8°x 16.4°

  • Distortion: 1"(-0.7%) 1/2"(-0.5%)
  • M.O.D: 0.2m
  • Flange back focal length: 17.53mm
  • Dimensions: Φ39x50mm
  • Optical total length: 69.53mm
  • Weight: 135.3g
  • Lens structur: 9G
  • Filter size: UV M37.0x0.75P
  • Method of operation:

         Zoom: ——

         Aperture: Manual iris

         Focus: Manual focus

  • Operating Temperature: -20°C~80°C

  • Shipping List
  • 16mm Telephoto Lens x1
  • C/CS Connecting Ring x1
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