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What is this, a camping burner for ants?? Of course not, ants prefer the comfort of B&Bs...

From the makers of the luxurious Motion Control Screwdriver, the streamlined USB C Powered Pen-Style Soldering Iron, and the ultra-precise Mini Digital Tweezers comes the Mini Hot Plate Preheater with USB C Power Supply. Here is the perfect solution for warming up small PCBs for desoldering/rework AND feeling like a sorcerer conjuring through alchemy. 

While you could have a full-blown (pun intended) hot air rework station, this lil' preheater is a fast and portable option. Takes approximately 150 seconds to go from room temperature to 300ºC. The mini-tower shape controller comes with an OLED display and two A and B buttons on the back. There's also an LED that changes color as the temperature rises. Other smart modes are included, such as preset temperature, tilt protection, power wake-up, and automatic sleep.

Kit includes:

  • MHP30 Controller and Hot Plate 
  • Silicone USB C Cable
  • USB C High Current / Voltage Power Supply with US Plugs
  • EU Plug Adapter
  • Safety Instructions including updating firmware information

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SKU AF-4948