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House your Raspberry Pi 4 in a modern, functional and flexible enclosure solution - introducing the Hex-Box!

The Hex-Box Pi4 case features seven self-retaining panels, two of which have been customised to accommodate the Raspberry Pi 4 and three vented panels to help maintain airflow. Quickly remove panels where required and customise your setup. You can even add your own PCB or perfboard to the mounting points found in the lid and base!

A set of six custom rubber feet are included to keep everything steady when used on a desk surface. Fixings are included both for the case itself and for securing the Raspberry Pi.

The Hex-Box is made in the UK made from 100% recyclable material. Available in black, white and grey (select above).


  • PCB mounting points in the top and base. Six bosses in the top, four in the base with Raspberry Pi mountable footprint
  • Number index in base aids wall mounting
  • Supplied with seven self-retaining panels, two pre-customised to allow for Raspberry Pi connections to be made
  • Smooth bevelled lid with flat top
  • Transform your Hex-Box IoT Enclosure into a wall-mountable enclosure with the optional Circular Wall Mount Bracket
  • Use your Hex-Box on a desktop using the included rubber feet
  • Ideal for industrial IoT, smart home or office, portable computer, networking projects, Pi camera, Pi screen, IoT etc
  • Fully recyclable and manufactured in the UK
  • Available in black, white and grey (select above)
  • Technical drawing

Fitting Notes

  • The Hex-Box comes with three screws for securing the base and lid.
  • Only three of the lugs have screw thread for these screws, so it's important to line up the base and lid correctly.
  • Look inside the securing lugs - the narrower threaded lugs are for the screw holes.

Package Contents

  • 1x Hex-Box Enclosure including 7x side panels
  • 6x Custom Rubber Feet
  • 4x Pi mounting screws
  • 3x Case fixing screws
Circular wall mount not included

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SKU PH-104023