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This exquisite little display is a good choice for projects requiring colorful and clear displaying effects!
Based on the ST7789V3 driver chip, this 1.47" display has 172×320 pixels with IPS any-angle viewing and SPI interface for communication. It comes with a 1mm narrow frame and rounded corners. The display can be used to display text messages, images, animations or videos. Also, with the supported Arduino GLD and LVGL libraries, more amazing dynamic effects can be achieved.
It is widely suitable for DIY projects like mini game consoles, weather stations, pendants, clocks, video players, meters, etc.

Curved edges
172×320 pixels
Narrow frame with a width of 1mm
HD IPS, adjustable viewing direction

Mini weather station
Miniature meters
Video players
DIY gifts
Mini game consoles
Mini clocks
Mini humidity temperature meters

Display Dimension: 1.47"
Pixels: 172×320
Interface: SPI
Brightness: 600(TYP)Cd/m2
Viewing Direction: full angle
Operating Temperature: -20°C to +70°C
Operating Voltage: 3.3V
Backlit: 3 White LED Parallel
Display Area: 19.1mm×33.8mm/0.75×1.33"
Module Dimension: 19.5mm×44.5mm/0.77×1.75"


Shipping List
 1.47" 172×320 IPS LCD Display Module ×1
Black Single-row Pin Header-8PIN ×1
FPC Cable ×1

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