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We have ✅ 6 available of the EF-EF03424 in our Sydney warehouse. An extra 100 units will be available shortly.

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Ring:bit car V2 line following module is a dedicated module designed for the Ring:bit car V2, it is easy to be installed to achieve the line following function for the Ring:bit car V2.
Equipped with double infrared probes, it can detect the distance between 2~12mm accurately that can achieve the function of line following around the circles, the detection of the black lines and the detection of the edge.


The micro:bit can drive it directly with the input voltage of this module is 3V~5V.
It only needs one IO port in the Ring:bit with standard 3-pin GVS ports.
It uses the infrared light to detect with a strong anti-interference capability.

The Tracking Module for ring:bit car v2 appears in the following collections:

SKU EF-EF03424