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This module can display geometric figures and characters. You can send commands through serial port to display.

Me TFT LCD Screen - 2.4 Inch V1 is controlled through a serial port, and backlight can be adjusted. It has M4 mounting holes at intervals of 16mm, and it is compatible with Makeblock beams. The 2.54mm pin holes are used to connect with Dupont wire. The 6P6C RJ25 interface is easy for wiring. The basic graphics display such as dots, lines, circle, rectangle, and filled rectangle are supported. It also has built-in fonts and a variety of pictures which can be directly used by the command. Arduino library is easy for programming.

Clear and Bright

This Screen enables you to show your animations or characters clearly and brightly.

Great Compatibility

Specially designed M4 through holes on Me TFT LCD Screen - 2.4 Inch V1enables you to assembly with other Makeblock items just by tightening the screws.

Programmable by mBlock

Drag-and-customized your own emotion, animation, scrolling-captions with mBlock which is a graphical programming environment based on Scratch 2.0 Open Source Code. It makes programming projects and interactive applications easier thru simply dragging and dropping function block. Know more here

Have Fun with mBot

This Me TFT LCD Screen - 2.4 Inch V1 is frequently-used together with mBot. 

Add this Me TFT LCD Screen - 2.4 Inch V1 to your mBot to colour your experience of playing with the robot. It's highly welcomed by mBot users.


  • Size    78*51.2mm(3.07*2.02inch)
  • Weight    28.5g
  • Connectivity    Bluetooth
  • Software and programming    Makeblock app for iOS and Android


Part List

1×Me TFT LCD Screen - 2.4 Inch

1×4*7*2 Plastic Spacer(4-Pack)    

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