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Yahboom Professional 6WD UNO R3 smart robot kit compatible with Arduino

Yahboom 6WD off-road smart robot is a high-performance mobile robot based on Arduino UNO with WIFI camera module and Bluetooth 4.0. Equipped with multifunctional 6WD expansion board, all kinds of high-quality modules, aluminum alloy chassis, and large capacity battery, it can move neatly and quickly on the indoor floors, complex streets, outdoor lawns, inclined surfaces, stairs and so on. This robot supports two independent remote control methods: Bluetooth App remote control by Android/iOS mobile and the WIFI remote control by Android/iOS mobile. We also reserve some holes in the external structure for users to expand by themselves. This will give you a more interesting installation and handling experience than any other robot kit.


  • Powered by a high-quality model battery and balanced charger for stable power supply and safe operation.
  • High-quality adjustable shock absorber, independent parallel suspension system and specialized off-road tires to make the car more stable.
  • With WIFI camera module to record and control the robot.
  • Multi-functional 6WD expansion board compatible with four popular controllers: 51 MCU, STM32, Arduino UNO and Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+.
  • Chassis supports 4/6 circuit independent motor control. The default is the chassis with 6 circuit motor. If you want to play 4 circuit motor, you can extend by yourself (remove the two hanging systems in the middle).
  • Controlled by two remote control methods: App by Android/iOS mobile can realize some functions such as remote control robot, photo, video and so on with high-quality WIFI camera module; Bluetooth App remote control by Android/iOS mobile can control the robot with Bluetooth 4.0 on the robot.



Voltage: 12V

Power: 2W

Reduction ratio: 1:45

Unload current: 60mA

No Load Speed: 160RPM

Load moment:

Load speed:140RPM

Load current: 200mA

Locked rotor

Stall current: 2.2A

Speed reducer length: 24mm

Shaft diameter: 4mm D Type

Expansion board:

Supply voltage:12.6V ~ 24V

Onboard voltage output: 3.3V/5V

Charging port: 5.5/2.1 DC port

Power solution: LM2596, XL4005, Reverse connect protection, Over-discharge protection, low voltage protection

Motor driver IC: AM2857 IC*6

Motor driver module: BST-Driver*3

Servo driver IC: PCA9685 IIC

Motor speed driver IC: PCA9685 IIC or IO driver

Motor interface: supports 6 DC motors; 4-speed measuring motor

Remote control: Bluetooth control; WIFI control

Output: Buzzer

Input: 4 Separate button; Bluetooth 4.0 interface; interface; IIC port

Support controller: Arduino/ 51/STM32/ Raspberry Pi


Weight: 2148g

Size: 28*28*16cm

Vertical span height: 10cm

Package list

1 x Uno board

1 x Expansion board

1 x Battery charger

1 x Battery

1 x Magic sticker

3 x Double motor driver

1 x Bluetooth module

1 x WIFI camera module

1 x Servo package

1 x Camera bracket

24 x Parallel hanger

6 x Parallel suspension bracket

6 x Motor bracket

1 x Upper chassis

1 x Lower chassis

6 x Shock absorber

6 x Tyre

6 x Long coupling

6 x 370 motor

1 x Copper pillar package

1 x Open spanner

1 x Screwdriver

1 x Locknut package

1 x Fixed screw package

1 x Isolation column screw package

1 x Manual


Yahboom 6WD robot car

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