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This camera platform mainly consists of two 180-degree servos, a WIFI camera, and an acrylic platform holder. As long as you have the ability to drive two 5v servos and a WIFI camera serial port, you can use this camera platform. It is a DIY product that supports a variety of expansion boards or expanded DIY circuits by yourself. We combine it with a Super:bit motor driver board, and micro:bit board to control servos by MakeCode. We can observe the video taken by the camera by the Android/iOS mobile APP and control the camera to turn up, down, left, and right. 


  • 30W pixel camera module with WIFI.
  • Support a variety of expansion board expansion boards, recommending our Super:bit motor drive board.
  • The two-degree-of-freedom servo can be rotated flexibly.
  • Android/iOS mobile phone remote control APP is provided.
  • Advanced DIY product.



Micro:bit camera platform

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