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Shine like rainbows, this full-color RGB LED Ring with an exquisite and cool appearance could be a great partner for your interactive applications. Add it to your project to brighten your creativity!
Small in size, these LED beads come in a variety of colors and can be cascaded. Only one signal line is required to control the color and status of all leads. 
Combining with sensors, it could turn into a compass that tells direction, a cool clock, a tomato timer, a countdown timer…
It could also be a turntable lottery machine, colorful decoration for robots, DIY interactive projects, venue layout, etc. Come and unlock more fun ways to play with this colorful RGB LED ring. 

LED Ring Size

 | LED Ring | Inner Ring Diameter | Outer Ring Diameter
|  RGB LED Ring - 12 Beads  |  2.6cm(1.02 inch)  |  4.7cm(1.85 inch) 
|  RGB LED Ring - 16 Beads |  4.9cm(1.93 inch)  |  7.0cm(2.76 inch) 
|  RGB LED Ring - 24 Beads |  7.2cm(2.83 inch)  |  9.3cm(3.66 inch) 

Cascade Control
There are three types of lamp rings with different numbers of lamp beads, each of which can be controlled individually, and you can also cascade multiple lamp rings. The cascading method is to connect the OUT terminal of the first lamp ring to the IN terminal of the second lamp ring, and so on.

Full-color WS2812 RGB
1-Wire bus control
Support cascading of multiple LED rings
Support multiple programming platforms: Mind+, MakeCode, Arduino IDE

STEM Education

Working Voltage: 3.3~5V
Maximum Operating Current: <100mA
Interface Type: PH2.0-3P
Lamp Bead Model: WS2812
Number of Lamp Beads: 16
Color: 16 million colors

Shipping List
WS2812-16 RGB LED Ring x1
Gravity: Digital Sensor Cable (30cm) x1

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