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WRTnode2P Devboard is a minimal standard interface module, delightful price, comprehensive software support, a wealth of documents and communities, good looking, texture, to I.o.T new era.


  • Minimal WiFi & Linux Module in NGFF M.2 as 22*42mm
  • MTK MT7628AN: 802.11n 2*2, 580Mhz
  • 128MB DDR2ram
  • 16MB SPI flash
  • 300Mhz 11n 2T2R WiFi, AP & Station Driver By MTK original
  • all pin-out
  • NGFF M.2 low cost as 0.5 USD


  • Official Website
  • Product page


  • WRTnode2P x1
  • WRTnode2P standard shield x1
  • FPC antenna x2
  • The WRTnode2P - Devboard appears in the following collections:

    SKU DF-DFR0441