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Wireless charging technology can transfer power energy through medias such as air, paper, plastic, etc. This is a wireless charging module based on “magnetic-coupled resonance” technology that only consumes one-millionth of the power of traditional electromagnetic induction power technology. When the transmitter is electrified, it does not emit electromagnetic waves but forms a non-radiating field magnetic field around it. This magnetic field is used to connect with the receiving end and excite resonance at the receiver, by which the energy can be transmitted with minimal power consumption. Transmitting efficiency can reach up to 90%. What’s more, the magnetic field used in this technology is just as strong as the earth’s so it will not affect the human body or other devices.

This module is designed with the newly developed large current wireless power supply chip, and its circuit is pretty simple. Power the transmitting module with 12V, then the receiving end will output maximum 5V/2A power, which is applicable for small electronic products. Due to the non-contact charging design, the module can be completely sealed for being waterproof and dustproof, thus extending its service life and making it more convenient to use. The module can be used in phone power supply, portable device, 5V sensors, DIY wireless power, etc.

Note: It is recommended to control the load current below 1.8A if the module needs to work for a long time.


  • Input Voltage: 12V
  • Maximum Output Voltage & Current: 5V/2A
  • Transmitting Coil Size: outer diameter 43(±2 )mm, thickness 2.3mm
  • Transmitting Module Size: 18×8.5×15mm 
  • Receiving Coil Size: outer diameter 43(±2 )mm, thickness 2.3mm
  • Receiving Module Size: 10×25×3mm
  • Best Receiving Distance: 3~6mm

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