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We have ✅ 1 available of the SF-CAB-11604 in our Sydney warehouse. An extra 61 units will be available shortly.

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USB On-The-Go is a really useful USB specification! It allows some small devices that would usually be unable to act as a host to have limited hosting capabilities! USB-OTG is common for things like tablet computers and smartphones in order to allow for USB peripherals like flash-drives, keyboards, etc. to be hooked up.
 If you have a USB OTG device, you need one of these Female A to Micro-A cables to act as a host. Remember, not all devices are USB-OTG compatible, so make sure that whatever you’re plugging in actually has this ability so you don’t damage something!
Note: This cable is not compatible with every OTG device. We suggest this part for the IOIO OTG, however, you will want to ensure it fits your device before purchase.
Dimensions: 4" long

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SKU SF-CAB-11604