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USB Cable and Charger Tester – qualMeter X (Advanced)

qualMeter is an easy and cost-efficient DIY device, which can help you to simply diagnose the quality of your USB charging cable and charger in a glance.

Unlike those expensive and bulky professional devices, qualMeter intends to provide a compact (portable), easy and simple solution at a fairly low cost. It's designed for non-tech people but can be very handy to tech-savvies for roughly testing as well.
There are no numbers to read, no buttons, no extra operations, no calculations and no technical background is needed. All you need to know is just colors, the Green, Yellow and Red, which correspond to Best(Good), Fair (OK) and Worst(Bad). That's it!
You see the colors; you see the quality of your cable and charger.

qualMeter handles a wide range of mainstream USB charging cables. It also tests loading capability of the 5V chargers to roughly define their quality.

A smart device for smart decisions

qualMeter has embedded a smart, ultra-low power Micro-Processor. It works seamlessly to provide two major functions, Cable Test mode and Charger Test mode.
There are no number readings and no calculations! qualMeter directly tells you the testing results by LEDs. It's really that simple and easy!
The qualMeter series has two main family members: qualMeter Basic and qualMeter X.

qualMeter Basic is designed for non-tech people who have very limited knowledge on electronics.
qualMeter X is more for people who wanted to know more about your charging environment.

Testing Ports: USB Type C, USB Type AF, Micro-USB, Mini-USB, 30-Pin and 8-Pin.





Online Manual and Instructions 

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