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Triple SpokePOV Kit + Dongle + 2 Magnets [v1.1]

*Discontinued* – For another way to create a Bike Wheel POV Display using our Pro Trinketcheck out this learn guide!


Get three SpokePOV kits in one color only, a dongle and 2 magnets! Great setup for 1 wheel.

Be sure to read the individual pages about the Kit, USBtiny, and Magnet before purchasing, OK?

Details: Details:

  • Dimensions (PCB only): 21cm x 11.6cm x 1.6mm (8.4in x 4.6in x 0.06in)
  • Dimensions (assembled): 21cm x 11.6cm x 24mm (8.4in x 4.6in x 0.9inin)
  • Weight (without batteries): 85g / 3oz

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