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Triple Axis Accelerometer MMA7361 arduino

The MMA7361 from Freescale is a very nice IMU sensor with easy analog interface. The MMA7361 Arduino is a 3.3V part and outputs an analog voltage for each of the three outputs. This voltage is in ratio to the measured acceleration and to the supply voltage (ratiometric). It has selectable sensitivity by dip switch. You will need some extra hardware to convert this analog signal to a usable digital one. The Arduino is really good option for it. This break board is especially designed for Arduino which has 3 JST connector that can be easily plug into our IO/Sensor expansion board.

Notice:The new version of analog sensor port pin mapping has been changed as the following two features.


  • Measure the acceleration information for your robot or other devices
  • Using for slope alarm or other kinds of alarm such as shock


  • Voltage:3.3-8V
  • Selectable sensitivity:±1. 5g/6g
  • Low power:500µA @ measurement mode, 3µA @standby ;
  • High sensivity: 800 mV/g @ 1.5g;
  • Interface:Analog Output
  • Low pass filter
  • Size:26*37mm(1.02*1.47")
  • Weight: 15 gram



  • MMA7361 x1
  • Analog Cable x3

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