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Thermo-control Anti-Static Soldering Station AT936b

This Soldering Station AT936b is temperature-controlled, consists of an electrical power supply, control circuitry with provision for user adjustment of temperature and display.The handle is suitable for long time operation. The heating element uses low voltage DC current, ensuring anti-static performance, without electric leakage or interference. The special temperature locking system, prevents the temperature from changing inadvertantly. Temperature setting within 200-480 degree optional, and temperature controlled accurately. Nozzles (iron tips) equivalent with international products, various optional nozzle can be used for different working conditions. If you want to do a good job while soldering, then an appropriate solder station is a necessity. More and more products are being made using lead free solder. Lead free solder requires a more powerful solder station that features faster heat recovery at the soldering tip.

  • most soldering tasks

  • Input voltage: 220VAC ± 10% 50Hz
  • Power consumption: 60W
  • Temperature range: 220°C~480°C
  • Temperature stability: ±5 °C (static)
  • Tip Leakage Voltage: <0.5mV
  • Standard Tip: 900M
  • Dimensions: 310*170*120mm(12.20*6.69*4.72")
  • Weight: 1.7kg

  • Thermo-control Anti-Static Soldering Station AT936b x1

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