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DS18B20 Digital Temperature Sensor Module!

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 It has three pins:

GND: This pin is labelled as '-' on the module, it is also called 'GND'. What is 'GND'? In electronics, we define a point in a circuit to be a kind of zero volts or 0V reference point, on which to base all other voltage measurements. This point is called  ground or GND.

Out:  The DS18B20 temperature sensor uses the 1-Wire protocol, and only requires a single data line. This is the data out pin where the temperature data will be output. Later, we will connect this to a GPIO pin on the micro:bit.

+ : This is connected to 3.3V on the micro:bit.

Voltage is the difference in potential between two points. As it is difficult to talk about voltage without a reference point, we need another point to compare it to. 

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