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Stepmotor Module with MEGA328P (DRV8825)


STEPMOTOR is used for stepper motor control. It is perfect for any motion project as it can drive up to 3 Stepper motors with GRBL control.

It is built with MEGA328P has been flashed GRBL firmware. The module comunicates with M5Core via I2C(0x70)

Integrated 3 DRV8825, a simple but very powerful board that can control one bipolar stepper motor at the time and allows micro stepping up to 1/32 of a step.

Product Features

  • 9-24V Power Input
  • 3-way stepper motors (X, Y, Z)

Kit includes

  • 1x Step Motor Module
  • 12V Power (Optional)
  • 1x 5V FAN Module for heat dissipation (Optional)


  • DIY 3D Printer
  • Simple Robot Arm




1. Arduino IDE

The code below is incomplete. TO get complete code, please click here.

/*     If Button A was pressed,     stepmotor will rotate back and forth at a time */  #include <M5Stack.h> #include <Wire.h>  #define STEPMOTOR_I2C_ADDR 0x70  // initialization M5.begin(); Wire.begin();  // Controlling Protocol: //  G<n> X<distance>Y<distance>Z<distance> F<speed> SendCommand(STEPMOTOR_I2C_ADDR, "G1 X20Y20Z20 F500"); SendCommand(STEPMOTOR_I2C_ADDR, "G1 X0Y0Z0 F400");  // Get Data from Module. Wire.requestFrom(STEPMOTOR_I2C_ADDR, 1); if (Wire.available() > 0) {   int u =;   if (u != 0) Serial.write(u); }  // Send Data to Module. while (Serial.available() > 0) {   int inByte =;   SendByte(STEPMOTOR_I2C_ADDR, inByte); } 

2. UIFlow

Wanna explore the easiest way of Servo programming?? Check out the Blockly Platform at UIFlow.

To get complete code, please click here.


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