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The Shapeoko 3 is a heavy duty desktop CNC machine designed to do real work, out of real materials like non-ferrous metals, hardwoods, and plastics. This special SparkFun Edition of the Shapeoko 3 CNC Machine Mechanical Kit includes the base frame and assembly hardware (screws, nuts, pulleys) to build the physical structure of your CNC. If you are looking to build your own custom gantry or wanting to upgrade an existing setup to a bigger platform check out this kit.

This mechanical kit has a cutting area of 425mm x 425 mm x 75mm (16" x 16" x 3") and an overall footprint of 725mm x 600mm (28.5" x 23.6"). It should be emphasized that as this is the Mechanical Kit, it does not include any motors or electronics nor will you find a spindle router, power supply, or control software. If you are looking to purchase a more complete CNC machine, check out our Shapeoko Deluxe Kit.

Note: This item is non-returnable. If this item arrives damaged or is not functioning properly, please do not hesitate to contact us to see if further actions may be taken.


  • Footprint: 725mm x 600mm (28.5" x 23.6")
  • Cutting Area: 425mm x 425 mm x 75mm (16" x 16" x 3")
  • Motion System: GT2 Belting, 2mm pitch with NEMA23 Motors (Not Included)
  • Frame: SparkFun Red 10ga Formed Steel Plates with Aluminum Extrusions
  • Recommended Spindle: Dewalt DW611 or Porter Cable 450


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SKU SF-TOL-13713