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We have ✅ 40 available of the LB-RPI5-COOL-4GB in our Sydney warehouse.

Introducing our Raspberry Pi 5 Cool Kit – everything you need to cooly kickstart your next tech project!

In the box, you'll find:

  • Raspberry Pi 5: Experience the power of the latest Raspberry Pi model, packed with advanced features and capabilities.
  • Active Cooler: Keep your Raspberry Pi 5 running smoothly with our efficient cooling solution.
  • 32GB Bookworm: A high-speed microSD card with ample storage space for all your projects and data.
  • SD Card Reader: Easily transfer and manage your data with the included card reader.
  • GPIO Pinout reference card
  • Micro HDMI Cable: Connect your Raspberry Pi 5 to your display or monitor with this high-quality cable.
  • Digital Download Quick Start Guide
  • 27W Power Supply

Get ready to explore the endless possibilities of the Raspberry Pi 5 with our comprehensive starter kit. Start your journey into the world of DIY electronics and innovation today!


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