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Bosch's BMP388 is a blazingly fast, temperature stable, pinpoint accurate barometric pressure sensor specifically suited for altitude tracking in drone applications. We thought that sounded pretty cool, so we put it on a Qwiic-compatible breakout board to make it easier to prototype with. Simply connect the Qwiic BMP388 Pressure Sensor board to your Qwiic-compatible controller, load some example Arduino code from the BMP388_DEV library, and start getting high resolution pressure data at up to 200Hz!

This board also breaks out the interrupt, power, and I²C pins from the BMP388 to a 0.1" header for traditional breadboard prototyping. If you need more than one BMP388 on your bus, then simply close the address jumper on the bottom of the board to switch between the two selectable I²C addresses.

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The Qwiic BMP388 Pressure Sensor appears in the following collections:

SKU SF-SPX-17001