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At our current size, it’s inevitable that there will be some waste in production. This is a grab bag of some of the parts that have fallen off the pick and place machines. It pains us not to use these parts knowing they are still 99% good. But because of our crazy growth we just can’t justify testing and reusing them. That’s why we’re putting them up for sale: hoping to divert some electronics trash and give our customers some useful parts to pull from.

You will get a bag of various parts to use for whatever you want. As stated above, they are untested, and you will get whatever we send you. If you don’t like gambles, this is not for you. We only guarantee you get ‘something’.

The picture is a good representation of what you get.

We cannot accept requests, returns, exchanges, provide documentation, or provide support on any aspect of these boards.

The Pick and Place Spare Parts Grab Bag appears in the following collections:

SKU SF-DD-10351