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Nano v3.0 CH340 Chip with Mini USB Cable

We have ✅ 82 available of the LB-LR0072 in our Sydney warehouse.

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The Nano V3.0 CH340 is based off the famous Arduino platform, and has all the functionality of an Uno, but in a smaller package!
Perfect for Arduino projects that require a small form factor (43mm by 18mm to be exact!) and do not need a DC power jack. Please note: You will need a Mini-B USB cable.
  • The new CH340G replaces FT232RL
  • Operating Voltage (logic level) :5V
  • 8 analog inputs: A0 ~ A7
  • 14 Digital inputs/outputs: TX,RX, DS to D13
  • 6 PWM pins: D3, D5, D6, D9, D10, and D11
  • 1 pairs of TTL level serial transceiver ports: RX / TX
  • Using Atmel Atmega328P-AU MCU
  • There is a bootloader installed on it!
  • Supports USB 
  • Support for external 5V to 12V DC power supply
  • Support power supply from 9V battery
  • CH340G Driver Download link : Driver for Windows 7
  • Arduino IDE Download link :

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