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Mitutoyo - Absolute Digimatic Digital Calipers, 6 in. [500-196-30]

The most useful tool we've ever laid our hands on.  We thought we'd use them just for electronics but then we got our hands on these calipers and had so much fun we started measuring everything.

They're indestructible - which is good because we don't know what we'd do without them - and ultra precise which is super helpful when measuring components or when trying to decide what diameter blueberry you prefer the most.

They have a capacitive sensor instead of a rack and pinion, so they never go out of alignment even if, say, you accidentally drop them (a few times). One button converts the measurement from millimeters to inches which is perfect for measuring components.

We've used the same pair multiple times daily for 5 years and never replaced the battery. They are very much treasured and we're very pleased to offer them in the store as The Best Calipers On Earth.

Note: As of February 12th, 2016 these calipers have a slightly different appearance and model number.  They have an improved sensor but are functionally identical.

  • Large and clear LCD readout.
  • The ZERO/ABS key allows the display to be Zero-Set at any slider position along the scale for incremental comparison measurements.
  • The In./mm key instantly converts from Imperial to Metric (or vice versa)
  • Measuring Range Max:6"
  • Accuracy:0.001"
  • Resolution:0.0005"/0.01mm
  • Instrument Accuracy ±:0.001"
  • Lower Scale Measuring Range:0-6"/0-150 mm
  • Expected battery life: 3.5 years

Made in Japan

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