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We have ✅ 16 available of the LB-LS0869 in our Sydney warehouse.

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The AM312 sensor is a mini IR pyroelectric infrared PIR motion human body sensor that is easy to install and has low power consumption. Its digital signal processing and high sensitivity make it ideal for use in automatic sensing circuits. Additionally, the repeatable trigger mode ensures that the sensor can detect each instance of human activity in its range.

Technical Parameters:
  • Operating voltage: DC 2.7-12V;
  • Static power consumption: <0.1mA;
  • Delay time: 2 seconds;
  • Block time: 2 seconds;
  • Trigger mode: repeatable;
  • Sensing range: ≤ 100 degrees cone angle, 3-5 meters; (according to the specific lens)
  • Working temperature: -20 - + 60 ℃
  • PCB Dimensions: 10mm * 8mm
  • Module lens: small lens

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