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Mini Illuminated Momentary Pushbutton - Red Power Symbol

100 units will be available shortly.

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This Mini Illuminated Momentary Power Button it an adorable breadboard-friendly tactile switch that has a built-in LED. It provides a simple way to add a tactile switch and a colorful universal power symbol to your project. 

The tact switch is about the same size as 6mm tactile switches and can snap into a breadboard. There are an additional two pins that connect to the anode and cathode of a small LED that shines through the top.

Note that this is a momentary button, not a on-off switch! Also, the LED is not connected to the switch in any way, and does not include a resistor. You'll need to add your own ~1K resistor and control the LED with a microcontroller pin or whatever you like.

The cathode of the LED is the pin closest to the 'line' half of the power symbol.

This is the Red version of this button - we also sell it in Blue!


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