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FAN is designed with an N20 Motor and a small fan piece is included in the package. This N20 motor is has a 5V supply voltage. The output shaft has a rotational speed of 8800 RPM.

Product Features

  • single-direction rotation
  • 5V-DC
  • Simple DC motor with no gear
  • 60 mm mini fan paddle


  • 1x FAN unit
  • 1x GROVE Cable
  • 2x Plastic fan paddle


  • Electric Fan



1. Arduino IDE

To get complete code, please click here.

#include <M5Stack.h>  const int motor_pin = 21; int freq = 10000; int ledChannel = 0; int resolution = 10; void setup() {   // put your setup code here, to run once:   M5.begin();   M5.Lcd.setCursor(120, 110, 4);   M5.Lcd.println("MOTOR");   ledcSetup(ledChannel, freq, resolution);   ledcAttachPin(motor_pin, ledChannel);  } // 0 - 1024  void loop() {   // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:     ledcWrite(ledChannel, 512);//0°     delay(1000);     ledcWrite(ledChannel, 0);//90°     delay(1000);     //ledcWrite(ledChannel, 30);//180°     //delay(1000);  }

The Mini Fan Unit appears in the following collections:

SKU M5-U063