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Mechanical Keyboard Switches Tester Collection - 12 switch

This kit is designed to achieve the actual feel of a real Cherry MX switch mechanical keyboard by mounting all the actual switches on a specially designed model! The TRANSPARENT ACRYLIC SWITCHES TESTER will help you decide which switch is best for you.It is compatible with 99% of the mechanical key switches on the market and can be customized into a mechanical keyboard that is unique to your own habits. Each switch is produced by the golden cross-contact technology of the CHERRY factory in Auerbach, Germany, with sensitive reflection and quick response. And it has a high-precision precision switch. It can be knocked 50 million times and has a long life with a strong spring.The MX keycaps come with a dust cover to protect the internal parts and keep your key switches away from dust. And the Switches Tester has a narrow light socket, suitable for installing 2-pin live monochromatic lights. Besides, it is compatible with the old 5-pin shaft, which can be directly replaced
FeaturesAccurate press feeling of 6/12 Cherry MX switchesStable housing, precise cutting frameComfortable and smooth chauffeuring design on edgeTranslucent clear keycapsSensitive reflection, quick responseStrong spring, super feelHas a lifespan of about 50 million strokesMX keycaps with dust coverDetachable keys designed for DIY
Switch Color & Characteristics

12 Cherry MX Switches

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