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Does your prototyping project require soldering? Are you looking for something other than your usual run-o'-the-mill solder wire? Look no further! This high quality, low cost, adorably packaged Lead-Free Prototyping Solder Paste from IC Breakout will provide strong, flux-aided conductive bonds for your board.

This paste is now reformulated to melt at very low temperatures - only 140 °C!

Since it’s premixed, all you need to do is screw on the self-piercing cap, squeeze the paste onto your solder pads, and heat it up using a soldering iron, oven, or any other thermal source to reach the reflow temperature of 140 °C (284 °F). Once liquidus, remove your heat source and let it cool.

The lead free metal content is a mix of Bismuth, Tin and Silver. The mix is a eutectic solder, meaning that it’s either going to be a solid or liquid during re-flow; not something in between.


  • Lead free
  • No clean-up
  • Clear residue
  • Premixed, ready to use
  • Low temperature use


  • Bi57 42Sn Ag1
  • ~10 grams
  • Liquidus at 140 °C (284 °F)


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