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These are top-up packs for your MAKEDO Cardboard Construction Toolkit! If you just can't get enough then, well, now you can get enough!

Choose between 75 x Scru50 x Scru XL, or 5 x Scru-Driver and get building! If you're just starting out with MAKEDO then you want the MAKEDO Cardboard Construction Toolkit.

MAKEDO is a simple to use, open-ended system of tools for creative cardboard construction. Build imaginative and useful creations from up-cycled (re-purposed) everyday cardboard.

Designed for girls and boys, young and old, individuals and groups of all skill levels. With MAKEDO you can make anything imaginable of any size from a flower to a fort, a mask to a maze.


The MAKEDO Scru Scru-Driver (Top-up packs) appears in the following collections:

SKU PI-MDO-30003