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The A0 in the latest in Macchina's line of OBD-II interfaces. The A0 uses the power of the ESP32 BLE and WiFi module to allow for wireless access to the OBD-II port most modern cars have.
The Macchina A0 module plugs directly into the OBD-II port found in most modern cars and receives its power from the port. From there, one can interface with the device through a few different methods. The easiest is with software such as SavvyCAN, Torque Lite on Android. Besides getting all on board diagnostic information, you're able to control certain aspects of the car and create cool projects such as dash-mounted, shift lights. The A0 can also be programmed in the Arduino IDE, so there's plenty of possibilities to customize the device for what you want to do with your car!
  • Macchina A0
  • Documentation card
  • Macchina sticker
  • ODB-II compatibility with all modern cars (1996 or newer)
  • Pre-loaded with SavvyCAN for plug and play (wireless!) reverse engineering
  • WiFi and Bluetooth® Functionality
  • ESP32 Processor
  • Super bright RGB LED
  • CAN Communication Functionality
  • Programmable with the Arduino IDE

The Macchina A0 OBD-II Development Module appears in the following collections:

SKU SF-DEV-17493