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M5Stack FACES ESP32 Pocket Computer - Keyboard, Game, Calculator

Get yourself a kit that can do it all! The M5Stack FACES Pocket Computer is a ESP32-based 3-in-1 pack with swappable keyboard / Gaming / calculator panels! Each panel can be upgraded through downloading firmware updates.

This open source kit is based on the ESP32 WiFi microcontroller and is compatible with MicroPython and Arduino. It comes jam-packed with Wi-Fi / Bluetooth capability, running at 240 MHz with the dual-core processor and 4MB of SPI Flash.

For people who want to make advanced ESP32 projects with a display, user interface, speaker, and all the buttons you could ever want. It's super easy to snap in whatever configuration you like, no soldering required. Upload your code with the built in USB C port, there's example code available on the M5Stack website.

These modules are all 5cm x 5cm and have a 2x15 0.1" header connector that brings out all the power and GPIO, you can remove the bottom piece to 'stack' M5 modules together!

Kit includes:

  • 1 x Gray M5Stack with MPU9250 - Built in ESP32 module with 4MB Flash, SD card slot, 320x240 2.0" TFT and three buttons
  • 1 x Keyboard Panel
  • 1 x Gameboy Panel
  • 1 x Calculator Panel
  • 1 x Battery Base (650mAh) for multi-hour use.
  • 1 x Charging Base with Grove I2C connector (takes about 30 minutes to fully charge)
  • 1 x USB Type C Cable

These M5Stack kits are certified by the Microsoft Azure IoT Starter Kit, which connects quickly and securely to the Azure cloud service platform. Just download the corresponding SDK, and you can get started with your Azure IoT platform project

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