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The Oak-D LITE takes the appealing characteristics of the Oak-D and makes them even better. The smaller and more affordable Oak-D LITE can still be considered the swiss army knife of computer vision. The main difference between the D and the D LITE are lower resolution mono-cameras, no IMU on board, and no power adapter. For most use cases of the Oak-D LITE, the USB Type C port should supply enough power (a Y-adapter is available through Luxonis should extra power be needed).
Much like the rest of the Oak line from Luxonis, the Oak-D LITE works with the OpenCV AI kit and makes for both a great starting point and a professional solution for computer vision.
This model features the auto-focus lens. Anyone interested in the fixed focus can request them through
  • IMX214 Color Camera
  • OV7251 Stereo Pair Cameras
  • Myriad X VPU
  • Dimensions 
    • Width: 91 mm
    • Height: 28 mm
    • Length: 17.5 mm
    • Baseline: 75 mm
    • Weight: 61 g

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