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Having a broken phone or electronics device stinks, whether it's a screen going out, a cable becoming unplugged, or even a more severe issue that will cost you more money that your device is worth. The majority of us have had it happen. For those who'd rather "DIY" it themselves, the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit for professionals and amateurs alike who are willing to step up to the plate. What makes the iFixit line stand out from others is the quality of the tools and having the CORRECT tools. With included popular (but maybe more importantly, unpopular) driver bits and plastic shims as well as other helpful tools for when you need to remove parts carefully.
The Pro Tech Toolkit has all the tools you would need for fixing most problems with electronics short of soldering/desoldering components. The folding bag makes for an ideal, space conscious tool set you can carry with you regularly. Tools such as spudgers and tweezers make dealing with small connectors and removing parts like screens much less complicated. The well-thought-out nature of the kit is apparent in the layout of the kit in it's "rolling" organizer and inclusion of a set of "consumable" tools designed to break before your device does. The rest of the tool set is incredibly durable and designed to provide solid grip when using them.

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