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This kit contains the essential metal components you need to build your very own Humble Velocipede. This kit complements the Ligaments Kit and provides all the metal pieces that cannot be 3d printed or laser cut.  

The Humble Velocipede is a playful desktop toy designed to scuttle over countertops and coffee tables. Highly recommended as a starter project for 3D printing! 

You can 3D-print or laser-cut the body and leg parts, but you'll still need the special bent metal crankshaft to make it walk. That's where this kit comes in. You get all the extras you need to put together this mechanical friend:

  • The crankshaft is made from a single steel rod bent into a resilient core which is responsible for coordinating the movement of the legs.
  • The hip shafts act as pivot points for all the legs and are made from hardened steel that will hold up to extensive use over time. 
  • The spring pins act as joints for the machine, providing strong and low-friction connection points between the ligaments and the legs.

3D files for use with this kit are available for free here. These parts are designed to print efficiently on FDM machines and assembled into a mesmerizing walking creature. 

Note: 3D printed / laser cut parts not included! You only get the metal parts that pair with the 3D printed parts you provide.

Visit our tutorial page for more information, assembly instructions, and other fun ideas!


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