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Hobby Creek Mag Hand Professional Workstation

Just when we begin to think that Hobby Creek couldn't possibly offer another third hand product that would raise the bar of awesome-ness, they go ahead and do it! The Mag Hand Professional Workstation builds upon Hobby Creek's ever popular third hand tools. This new tool incorporates magnets for enhanced flexibility, and we've got to say... it's mag-nificent!

Each arm and accessory features a rare-earth magnet in its base which firmly holds to the steel base plate. Simply lift the arm base on an angle and reposition the whole arm exactly where you need it. Need a helping hand away from your bench? Simply take the arms with you and they’ll hold to any steel surface.

Each workstation comes with four 15” arms with premium alligator clips. The alligator clips have high heat resistant silicone covers which won’t melt or scratch your projects. The alligator clips also rotate 360 degrees. Simply twist to the angle you need and they stay in place. No extra steps or tightening required due to a patent pending mechanism.

Need to store components? They've also included two stainless steel magnetic parts trays which can be positioned exactly where you need or removed from the base for more room. Simply lift and place where you need them.

And, if you're working on sensitive electronics, Hobby Creek has included a snap connector in the corner for grounding. Simply attach your ground strap and your project is now grounded, and safe from electro-static-discharge (ground strap not included!).


  • 4x - Premium Flexible arms with magnetic bases - 15" Length - easily positioned and stay in place - heat resistant
  • 1x - Durable powder coated steel base - over 4.5 lbs - won't tip over
  • 4x - Silicon clip tips for the ultimate heat resistance
  • 2x - Magnetic trays that can be positioned anywhere - ESD ground snap for quick and easy grounding
  • 1x - Small bottle of arm lubricant

Try pairing it with the Hobby Creek Magnetic Helper Hand!

The Hobby Creek Mag Hand Professional Workstation appears in the following collections:

SKU AF-3529