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Gravity: Analog Sensor Cable for Arduino - 50cm (10 Pack)

52 units will be available shortly.

Express post shipping available (product is on backorder)

This high-quality 50cm analog sensor cable is equipped with a 3-pin PH2.0 plug connector on one side and a 3-pin DuPont connector on the other side. They are specially designed for our popular IO Expansion shield and analog sensors such as Ambient light sensor, Gray sensor, MIC sound, etc. It connects most of our analog sensors to the IO board, making it convenient to make interesting interactive works.

Note: This product includes 10 pieces of cables.

  • Maximum Voltage: <50V
  • Maximum Current: <1000mA
  • Length: 50cm/20”
  • Pinout Wiring: Red -- VCC; Black -- GND; Blue-- Signal

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  • Gravity: Analog Sensor Cable (50cm) x10
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