Flotilla Mega Treasure Chest Starter Kit [AF-3247]

Flotilla Mega Treasure Chest Starter Kit

Flotilla Mega Treasure Chest Starter Kit [AF-3247]

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Flotilla is a range of smart, friendly, and affordable modules that you connect together to create amazing projects that can sense and react to the world around them. Brought to you by Pimoroni, the Flotilla Mega Treasure Chest Starter Kit is their ultimate Flotilla package.

You'll get fourteen Flotilla modules, three complete kits - the audibly offensive Noisemaker synth, a cute little paper-craft mood light, and an all-singing, all-dancing line-following robot - as well as eight other super-simple Cookbook recipes to get you up and running in two turns of a ship's wheel -- wow!

The Mega Treasure Chest includes:

  • Color module -- ideal for using in line-following robots, detecting fruits, or sorting M&M's! 
  • Dial module -- perfect for using as a simple game controller for games like pong
  • Joystick module -- use it to steer your robot, or to control the boosters on your rocket
  • 2 x Light module -- remind yourself when you've left the lights on in your house
  • Matrix module -- perfect for scrolling text on, or using as a tiny marble maze
  • Motion module -- use it as a tilt-sensitive controller for games
  • 2 x Motor module -- ideal for driving your robot, or a tiny fan
  • Number module -- perfect as a clock, or a countdown timer
  • Rainbow module -- makes the perfect little mood light
  • Slider module -- perfect for using as a synth controller
  • Touch module -- ideal for reaction time games, or a tiny piano
  • Weather module -- set up a mini weather station in your house
  • The Dock -- the heart of the Flotilla system, it has eight ports for Flotilla modules, and connects to your Raspberry Pi with a USB A to micro B cable
  • Noisemaker synth kit -- channel your inner superstar DJ with our Noisemaker synth
  • Robot kit -- build a cute little robot rover
  • Paper-craft model kit -- paper-craft pieces for the mood light Cookbook recipe
  • Quickstart guide
  • Dock cable and module ropes

Flotilla is designed to progress with you as your skills develop. You don't need any coding skills or electronics knowledge to get started, you can simply plug and play!

A Raspberry Pi computer setup is required for use! We recommend a Raspberry Pi 3, USB power supply, SD card with NooBs, enclosure, keyboard, mouse, and a monitor.

For beginners Flotilla has Cookbook and Rockpool, two web-based apps which you can access from your computer or tablet. They let you experiment, learn, and build without writing a single line of code. For anyone who's done a little programming before, Pimoroni also has a complete Python API that lets you talk to all of the Flotilla modules.


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