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So you've prototyped a great little project for the micro:bit but want to transfer this to a more permanent solution? then look no further!

This nice little board is laid out the same as a half sized breadboard (like the one that comes with the exhi:bit). Once your project is ready and tested on the breadboard, you simply transfer the components over to this, pin by pin. Then solder them up and plug the completed board in to the exhi:bit and your project is in a great permanent form that can be easily swapped and stored.

Comes with a couple of nice big white areas on the board to write what the project is (no more wondering what this cool board you made a few years ago does!) and it also comes with all the male headers you need to solder it up.

We suggest you insert the male headers into the female header on the exhi:bit to hold them in the correct position. Then place the perma board over and solder a couple of pins in place to ensure correct aligment.

Also includes the footprint for a power indication LED and its resistor, but you don't have to use these if you don't want to.

The exhi:bit DIY Daughter board appears in the following collections: