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dLUX-dLITE Blue Crystal Shape LEDs 5 Pack by Unexpected Labs

87 units will be available shortly.

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Sure, we've got all sorts of diffused bare LEDs in all sorts of colors and sizes. But have you ever laid your peepers on this fantastic five-pack of crystal-shaped LEDs? These look too cute and charming and will look amazing for any spelunking, magic, or science-themed electronics project.

Add that extra zing to your project with these handmade LEDs from dLUX-dLITE. Each pack contains 5 uniquely crafted LEDs. Liven up your PCB, add a hidden surprise, or just collect them all! Please keep in mind these are handcrafted, making each LED unique and slightly different in appearance. They are all beautiful! We recommend you run them a bit dimmer, by adding a bit more resistance than you normally would on with a typical LED. It shows off the details much better!

  • 5 LEDs per pack in Bodacious Blue:
    • Pack of 5 semi-diffused blue crystal LEDs
    • Crystal measures (approx.) 10.4mm x 9.1mm x 8.9mm x (HxWxD)
    • Voltage ~3.0-3.2V @ 20mA current
    • Wavelength 590-595nm
    • Luminous Flux ~2000-3000

If you need some help using LEDs, please read our "Introduction to using LEDs" tutorial for any electronics project.

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